About the American Venous Forum

Founded in 1988, the American Venous Forum provides a serious academic colloquium to physicians interested in the research, education, and clinical investigation in the field of venous diseases. The Forum membership includes more than 225 board-certified vascular surgeons who have an accomplished record of interest and contribution to the management of venous disease.

The mission of the American Venous Forum is to improve the care of patients with venous and lymphatic disorders by providing a forum dedicated to education and to the exchange of information concerning basic and clinical research pertaining to the venous and lymphatic systems.

In past years, the Forum has dedicated itself to academic pursuits through vigorous educational meetings throughout the country. Today, the Forum is a diverse organization that includes a directory of experienced investigators and clinicians, several of whom can also speak or assist in research on a variety of venous-related topics. The Forum also offers guidelines and protocols for the development of research and clinical trials. With the guidance of the AVF governing officers, the AVF will continue to bring medical professionals and patients the latest venous health information.

The AVF By-Laws include more information on our objectives, committees, meetings, and dues.

Member Information
Membership in the American Venous Forum is open to physicians certified by one of the American Certifying Boards or Royal Colleges who have demonstrated an interest in and contribution to the management of venous problems. Application forms for membership shall be available at the request of an American Venous Forum Member.


National Office
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