20th Annual Meeting - Call for Abstracts

February 20-23, 2008
Charleston Place, Charleston SC

SEPTEMBER 6, 2007– 5:00 P.M. – EST

The objective of THE AMERICAN VENOUS FORUM is to offer a serious academic forum to those physicians interested in research, education and clinical investigation in the field of venous diseases. We encourage all of our colleagues to participate in this growing educational program either by submission of a formal abstract for standard oral, *mini presentation or poster presentation.

  • Oral Presentation – 10 minutes
  • Mini Presentation - 3 minutes
  • Poster with 3 – minute oral summary

New last year: * “Mini” presentations (3 minutes) to feature case reports, preliminary results, early data, small series, or interesting cases. Acceptance will be limited to Residents/Fellows for this presentation type.

Poster Grand Rounds - In addition to standard poster display, authors will be given the opportunity of a 3-minute oral presentation during a moderated “poster grand rounds” session. Prizes are awarded for the best posters.

Your presentation preference will be given every consideration, however, the final determination will be made by the Program Committee.

Attention: Residents / Fellows

If you are a resident or fellow in a recognized vascular training program, consider applying for one or more of these awards


  • The work should be original and not previously published or presented.
  • No reference should be made on or in the abstract to the names or institutions of the authors.
  • Abstracts must be structured as follows: 1) Background; 2) Methods; 3) Results; and 4) Conclusions.
  • Abstract text is limited to 425 words (maximum) – 50 words (minimum).
    Each table or graphic will take away 25 words from the total word count.

Publication Policy

Acceptance of an abstract for standard Oral Presentation at the AVF Annual Meeting carries with it the requirement that the author will submit a formal manuscript for consideration of publication in the Journal of Vascular Surgery.

Accepted oral presenters who fail to submit a manuscript to the Journal of Vascular Surgery shall forfeit their right to present any material at two consecutive future meetings of the American Venous Forum.

Independent Submission for Poster and Mini Publications

Poster and Mini Abstract presenters are strongly encouraged to submit a manuscript for possible publication. The Editors of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery will give special consideration to these manuscripts.

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